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Simulate Revenue Impact in Real-Time

Optimize Future Revenue Impact 

Test alternative revenue initiatives and calibrate optimal future results in real-time

Identifying leverage points for change is key to improving results because you can more accurately assign the resources and necessary time to achieve them.
Our Revenue Control Panel allows for real-time modeling/simulation of your end-to-end revenue system, revealing the expected (or unexpected) future impact of various initiatives for up to 36 months. 

This provides a thorough and complete process for testing and verifying any assumptions supporting your revenue goals, as well as providing quantitative evidence for key decisions and their future revenue impact.

The technology was developed at MIT and has been used in over 80 countries by such organizations as McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, NASA, Dow Chemical, US Air Force, HP and many more.

Revenue Control Panel

Answers the Questions

  • Which changes to current actions will deliver the most improvement in results - how much and when?

  • How can we test and quantify the assumptions supporting our annual plan - before we begin implementing it?

  • Which channel strategy makes the most sense?

  • Which unexploited factors are we missing that will have the most positive long-term revenue impact? 

  • Where are the bottlenecks in our current end-to-end revenue process that is slowing our growth?

  • How can we calibrate our time to revenue impact based on assumptions we are making?

  • Which small changes can we make that will have the most significant impact on revenue growth?

Benefits and Value-Add

  • Growth Levers:  Determine which revenue levers, processes and resource investments will best optimize top-line growth.


  • Current vs. Potential Revenue:  Model the dynamic behavior of your current end-to-end revenue system, and simulate the 36-month revenue potential based on the collective assumptions that support your expectations for future growth.


  • Key Stakeholders:  Get key stakeholders to see, understand and buy into the cause and effect of proposed actions, initiatives, and their revenue impact.

  • Quantitative Feedback:  Get immediate and accurate 36-month revenue impact resulting from changes being considered to your current plan.


  • Optimal Results:  Run 'what-if' scenarios in real-time, to determine which combination of changes to your current systems will yield optimal future results.


  • Customize as Needed:   Customize any simulation for your particular needs and requirements.

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