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Manage and Execute Corporate Strategy

Strategy Management and Execution System

Utilize strategy frameworks to support the implementation of strategic initiatives across functional areas


Our Corporate Strategy Management System is an elegant senior management tool enhancing two-way communications and connection to strategic initiatives for all organizational levels of your staff.


This dramatically increases success in delivering your plans and is unlike any other in the marketplace today.

Strategy Components & Drivers

Get everyone (literally) on the same page

Our Corporate Strategy Management Services are elegantly and specifically designed to support complex organizations with multiple layers across diverse functional areas.​

We begin with your overall strategic goals in each business unit and then establish drivers which in turn house initiatives to support those goals.

Strategy Drivers Review

What are the drivers supporting our strategy

Once your plans are structured, our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard allows you to access and drill down into all of your plan data in any form that’s relevant to you.

The Priority view allow you to see all enabling initiatives from across functions and business lines.

'Heat Map' of Priorities & Status

Status by category - across the organization

Use the Summary view to see your strategic plans from one business or one staff area in one glance. Or drill down to focus only on those initiatives requiring immediate attention.

Summary by specific strategy driver:

  • What's working, what's not, why?

  •  Who's accountable, how to connect now?

  • What are potential obstacles to success?

  • Get real-time updates of status on each priority.

Here’s what makes us unique:

We Support Complexity

Specifically designed to support complex organizations with multiple layers, especially across all functional areas.

Two-Way Communication

Specifically designed for senior leaders, enabling enhanced two-way communications and connection to strategic initiatives at all levels of staff. 

Fully Customizable

Fully adaptable to any client plans and environments. There are no rigid templates. Our software integrates with your organization – not the other way around.

Fully Compatible With Other Programs

Compatible with and sits above any project management product(s) currently in place. 

On-boarding Support

Includes on-boarding support, either through one of our partners, or a member of our senior implementation team to ensure you maximize results quickly. 

Lower Per-User Cost

We offer an unlimited user license option to ensure all employees who should be part of a planning community are connected, at a low per-user cost.

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