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Operational Linkage to Revenue Strategies

Align and link the key factors that will drive results

Align resources, processes, and systems to drive expected results.

Resources, operations, systems, and processes must be aligned, linked and systematically integrated into a series of activities and actions that allow organizations to consistently achieve a particular set of business and revenue goals.


Without these precise linkages to what you're trying to achieve, your ability to execute will be greatly diminished.

A partial list of systems, processes, and operational linkage to strategic imperatives that we have successfully implemented for our clients.

  • Revenue architecture strategy & execution plans

  • Ideal Customer Profiling criteria & development

  • Customized prospecting list development and outreach strategy

  • Develop & execute customized email campaigns

  • Go-to-Market strategy, forecasting, and execution 

  • Lead generation and prospecting tools

  • Content assets development and distribution

  • Sales processes, revenue cycle mapping, modeling and forecasting

  • Customized 'value' selling sales resource (cheat sheet) website development

    • Question methodologies, sequencing, and cadence of developing the need and promoting the value.

    • Sales engagement steps and processes

    • Sales 'one-page' sales cheat sheets

    • Value prop questions methodology and responses

  • Sales & marketing structure, alignment & complimentary incentives

  • Demand generation, opportunity & pipeline mgmt

  • Pipeline analysis and audits

  • Key initiatives scoring, ranking, and sequencing of initiatives

  • Channel strategy, build-out & productivity metrics 

  • Revenue plan optimization simulations

  • Talent guidelines, selection criteria, talent development, and one-on-one coaching

  • Focus Selection Interviewing skills/process/materials

  • Strategy execution frameworks and governance

  • Marketing and sales impact priorities ranking system

  • Stage gating and prospect scoring/qualifier systems

  • Opportunity profiling and key account management

  • Productivity ramp models: direct, indirect & channels 

  • New executive start-up coaching, mentoring, advising

  • Channel build-out, program creation & management

  • Compensation models, quota's, variance guidelines

  • Sales operations, forecasting, leading/lagging metrics establishment, and monitoring

  • Interim executive leadership roles in 'acting' positions

  • Organizational revenue readiness assessments

  • Website development, positioning & messaging

  • Digital marketing/content designed for customer journey & sale stage

  • Sales and marketing AI alternatives, tools and recommendations

  • Customer segmentation and targeting 

  • Sales/Marketing productivity tools/automation tools (CRM, marketing automation, content assets)

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