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A Century of Complexity

Top-line revenue growth continues to be the primary driver of long-term company performance. But an increasingly the complex environment makes this growth harder to achieve and sustain. Uncertainty, change, volatility, and complexity are trends with an impact that can’t be ignored.

In a recent IBM Global CEO Study, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value their findings pointed out that:

“Eight out of ten CEOs expect their environment to grow significantly more complex, and fewer than half believe they know how to deal with it successfully.”

Sobering findings! But as we look at the sheer volume and speed of change in the world around us, it’s really not at all surprising. We’re all feeling pressure and the speed of change.

An increasingly complex world demands a different kind of decision-making. In the 21st century, you're making decisions and setting direction amid increased ambiguity. Each decision contains a guess about the future.

In turn, this guess holds many assumptions about the complex internal and external factors that will impact future results. Leaders and their teams need to constantly sort through masses of data, look at alternatives and make objective decisions based on facts rather than conjecture.

Business leaders need the right tools to synthesize the disparate factors into a coherent whole and arrive at practical solutions.

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