Revenue Readiness Assessment™ 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does the survey cost?

The Revenue Readiness Assessment is free for a limited time.  We're making this available so you can see for yourself how it might be used more broadly in your organization.  We think as a result of trying this you'll consider using it for a larger group, and perhaps customize it more to your particular needs. 

Who should complete the survey and why? 

WHO - Executives, directors, managers individual contributors or any group that collectively (and cross functionally) contributes to driving top line revenue.  Said another way: anyone that has a role or responsibility having impact on your revenue results. (that's just about everyone).  The results will give you a snapshot of how all the parts of your revenue system could potentially have positive/negative impact on revenue results and chart out how well they understand, agree and are aligned with (or not) the key factors that will help drive that growth.  ​(Think of it as if surveying a sports team to ensure they know the playbook, their roles  and responsibilities so that you have a good perspective on assessing their readiness to compete at the highest levels.)

WHY - Here are 5 important questions (there are many more) that this survey can help companies answer.

1. How can we quantify 'where we are' vs. 'where we should be', regarding the components to our revenue system that need to be aligned and work together in order to continue improving our teams performance and revenue results..


2. How can we identify potential misalignment, lack of understanding or other weaknesses that could hold us back from achieving our goals.


3. How can we break this information down and review by each department, division, managerial level, geography and other groups we specify so that we can pinpoint areas that need to be addressed as potential inhibitors to our long-term growth.


4. How well have the key initiatives, processes, responsibilities and expectations been communicated and understood within our organization?


5. Where we might have gaps between our strategy and our ability to execute?

What are some examples of the key areas of performance that you will measure?

- Processes and methodologies that drive revenue

- Organizational and work environmental health that contribute to motivation and employee engagement

- Sales and Marketing alignment and synchronization

- Creating, finding, managing and retaining clients/customers

- Key leading indicators and other metrics that are being measured (or not)

- Your organizations capacity to understand and execute key initiatives that support strategies

- Understand of key measurements and metrics that are in place and the level of understanding 

Can we customize the areas that our organization would like to measure in place of, or in addition to, what you measure?

Yes! We know most companies will have other areas they would like to measure based on their industry, organizational size, product type, vertical market, etc.  This is meant to give you a quick snapshot of what can be done with such a survey that measures key performance factors impacting your business results.  We can add delete, revise and renew as you would like to.  We help you along every step.

Who will have access to this information? Is it confidential and totally anonymous?

You (and only you) will have full access to the survey results. If you care to share this with other members of your staff this can be accomplish within our system.


This is meant to be totally anonymous so companies can get instant feedback on how well they are aligned, ready to perform and execute those key initiatives that will optimize your revenue performance over a long period of time.  If it is not completely anonymous, we know it will not be effective in your employees feeling safe about 'speaking their minds'.

How many people can/could I survey?

As many as you want. We will only ask about their department, geography, level in the organization an other such non-personal questions. It is completely anonymous so anyone can take it without compromising their identity. We don't ask for names anywhere in the survey.